Mikaela Aitken
Writer, Editor & Strategist

A diligent storyteller and sharp strategist, Mikaela is interested in exploring the never-boring narratives of people and places.

Portrait photography by Jo Duck
Years spent reporting for Monocle magazine and editing its travel guides saw Mikaela journey from Beirut to Berlin, San Francisco to Vilnius uncovering what makes cities and societies tick. 

After five years based out of London, Mikaela returned to her Aussie home shores, where she has been reporting all along the eastern coast on culture, travel, urbanism and design for Monocle, Broadsheet, Tourism Australia and Exceptional Alien.

Looking further afield Mikaela also works remotely on branded content and storytelling and has worked on projects for Wall Street Journal’s The Trust, New York Times’ T Brand Studio and The Times’ branding partner Raconteur.

Mikaela served as the founding Editorial Director for Sydney start-up Exceptional Alien to build its content platform and help bring vibrant stories of travel and creativity to life.

Mikaela has also advised on city-shaping projects for South East Queensland Council of Mayors, Lendlease, Walker Corporation and Howard Smith Wharves.